IO register space

8-bit space pdaemon [0x1000]
g80-mmio 0x10a000: PDAEMON [GT215:GF100]
gf100-mmio 0x10a000: PDAEMON


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On GT215:GF119, PDAEMON uses the “classic” falcon addressing scheme: I[] space addresses are shifted left by 6 wrt the offsets in MMIO window - ie. I[0x12300] can be accessed through MMIO address 0x10a48c, and registers are usually 0x100 bytes apart in the I[] space and aliased over that 0x100-byte range to be easily accessible by MMIO. On GF119+, however, I[] addresses correspond directly to offsets in MMIO window - I[0x48c] can be accessed through MMIO 0x10a48c.

The following registers/register ranges exist on PDAEMON [first number is MMIO offset and I[] address on GF119+, second is I[] address on GT215:GF119]:

Host Falcon Present on Name Description
0x000:0x400 0x00000:0x10000 all N/A Falcon registers
0x404 0x10100 all SUBENGINE_RESET_TIME selects how long to keep parts in reset after SUBENGINE_RESET
0x408 0x10200 all SUBENGINE_RESET_MASK selects parts affected by SUBENGINE_RESET
0x420 0x10800 all USER_BUSY - sets the user-controlled busy flag
0x424 0x10900 v3- ??? [0/1/0]
0x47c 0x11f00 all CHSW_REQ requests a channel switch
0x484 0x12100 all ??? [0/ff07/0]
0x488 0x12200 all TOKEN_ALLOC allocates a mutex token
0x48c 0x12300 all TOKEN_FREE frees a mutex token
0x490 0x12400 all CRC_DATA the data to compute CRC of
0x494 0x12500 all CRC_STATE current CRC state
0x4a0:0x4b0 0x12800:0x12c00 all FIFO_PUT host to PDAEMON fifo head
0x4b0:0x4c0 0x12c00:0x13000 all FIFO_GET host to PDAEMON fifo tail
0x4c0 0x13000 all FIFO_INTR host to PDAEMON fifo interrupt status
0x4c4 0x13100 all FIFO_INTR_EN host to PDAEMON fifo interrupt enable
0x4c8 0x13200 all RFIFO_PUT PDAEMON to host fifo head
0x4cc 0x13300 all RFIFO_GET PDAEMON to host fifo tail
0x4d0 0x13400 all H2D host to PDAEMON scratch reg
0x4d4 0x13500 all H2D_INTR host to PDAEMON scratch reg interrupt status
0x4d8 0x13600 all H2D_INTR_EN host to PDAEMON scratch reg interrupt enable
0x4dc 0x13700 all D2H PDAEMON to host scratch reg
0x4e0 0x13800 all TIMER_START timer initial tick count
0x4e4 0x13900 all TIMER_TIME timer current remaining tick count
0x4e8 0x13a00 all TIMER_CTRL timer control
0x4f0 0x13c00 all ??? [0/f/0, 0/3f/0]
0x4f8 0x13e00 all ??? [0/11/0, 0/13/0]
0x500 0x14000 all COUNTER_SIGNALS idle signal status
0x504+i*10 0x14100+i*0x400 all COUNTER_MASK idle counter mask
0x508+i*10 0x14200+i*0x400 all COUNTER_COUNT idle counter state
0x50c+i*10 0x14300+i*0x400 all COUNTER_MODE idle counter mode
0x580:0x5c0 0x16000:0x17000 all MUTEX_TOKEN the current mutex tokens
0x5d0:0x5e0 0x17400:0x17800 all DSCRATCH scratch registers
0x5f0 0x17c00 all ??? [0/ffffffff/0]
0x5f4 0x17d00 all THERM_BYTE_MASK PTHERM register write byte mask
0x600:0x640 0x18000:0x19000 all MEMIF Memory interface
0x680 0x1a000 all TIMER_INTR timer interrupt status
0x684 0x1a100 all TIMER_INTR_EN timer interrupt enable
0x688 0x1a200 all SUBINTR second-level interrupt status
0x68c 0x1a300 all IREDIR_TRIGGER PMC interrupt redirection trigger
0x690 0x1a400 all IREDIR_STATUS PMC interrupt redirection status
0x694 0x1a500 all IREDIR_TIMEOUT IREDIR_HOST_REQ timeout
0x698 0x1a600 all IREDIR_ERR_DETAIL IREDIR detailed error status
0x69c 0x1a700 all IREDIR_ERR_INTR IREDIR error interrupt state
0x6a0 0x1a800 all IREDIR_ERR_INTR_EN IREDIR error interrupt enable
0x6a4 0x1a900 all IREDIR_TIMEOUT_ENABLE IREDIR_HOST_REQ timeout enable
0x800:0xfe0 0x20000:0x40000 v0-v2 THERM PTHERM registers
0xfe0:0x1000 - v0-v2 FALCON_HOST Falcon host registers
- 0x10000:0x18000 v3- THERM PTHERM registers


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unknown v3+ regs at 0x430+






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The last 0x20 bytes of THERM range on GT215:GF119 aren’t accessible by the host, since they’re hidden by the overlapping falcon host-only control registers

The THERM range on GF119+ is not accessible at all by the host, since its base address is above the end of the MMIO window to falcon’s I[] space

Neither is a problem in practice, since the host can just access the same registers via the PTHERM range.