PDAEMON: card management microprocesor



PDAEMON is a falcon-based engine introduced on GT215. Its main purpose is autonomous power and thermal management, but it can be used to oversee any part of GPU operation. The PDAEMON has many dedicated connections to various parts of the GPU.

The PDAEMON is made of:


and unknown stuff.

There are 5 revisions of PDAEMON:

  • v0: GT215:MCP89 - the original revision
  • v1: MCP89:GF100 - added a third instance of power gating controller for PVCOMP engine
  • v2: GF100:GF119 - removed PVCOMP support, added second set of input/output signals and ???
  • v3: GF119:GK104 - changed I[] space layout, added ???
  • v4: GK104- - a new version of engine power gating controller and ???


figure out additions


this file deals mostly with GT215 version now